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The Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society comprises about 120 members, the majority of whom live in or close to Sussex and associate members in other parts of the UK and overseas.

We are united in a passion for minerals, fossils and lapidary work, with the principle focus being on minerals.


The Society holds monthly meetings in the Methodist Church in Perrymount Road in Haywards Heath, runs field trips in the UK and abroad and puts on a significant show each year in November in the Clair Hall in Haywards Heath.


We are a friendly group of people who aim to educate ourselves through sharing of knowledge of members and through input from club activities. We also aim to have a lot of good fellowship together and enjoy a range of social activities.


If you would like to find out more, come and give us a try and attend a couple of our meetings on a no obligation basis.

It would be great to see you.

The other pages on this website give details of where and when we meet and of the timetable for the rest of the year.

Also do come to the show in November; it is a fabulous event and showcases the best in mineral collecting in the UK.




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It is necessary to join the society before access can be given to the 'MEMBERS PAGE'.

Information of how to join is given on the 'MEMBERSHIP' page.


An article 'Making a Cabochon' by John White has been added as a sub-page to Lapidary.

DIARY DATES: (see 'ABOUT US' for location and times of meetings)




Saturday 16th November 2019        SMLS Mineral & Fossil Show

Visit the 'Show' Page for details        



Friday 6 th. December:       General Meeting


Talk by Dr Anne Padfield:  The Changing Earth                      Sponsor: John Pearce        


Throughout its history, the Earth has seen many, many changes.  Some of these have been so significant, as to cause global catastrophe and major mass extinctions.  Its not all ‘Gloom and Doom’ however, as from these events, new fabulous species of fauna and flora have radiated to have their ‘moment’ on the Earth, including ourselves. 

Although some of these changes have been instigated by extra-terrestrial phenonomen, it is the changes brought about by these phenonomen to the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere and lithosphere, that has contributed to unbelievable consequences. 

One can only conclude that, all life on Earth is a wonderful ‘miracle’ and to have these events reproduced on another planetary body, must surely defy all odds.

Join me in December, for a quick ‘run through’ of this ‘Roller Coaster’ ride through Deep Time.  Find out where gold and other elements came from and what might happen next.

Dr Anne Padfield


 Mineral of the Month: Malachite