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​Exhibitors confirmed for 2024

Abby Hart

Agate Bands

Alexander Barton

Andyitec Minerals

Charles Bexfield

Christopher Duque-Smith

Clives Crystals

Crystal Classics

Congo Children's Trust

Dolly Moon Crystals

Enrico Rinaldi

Fossil Atelier


Gondwana Resources

Ian Anderson

Jocks Rocks

John White Lapidary

Loye & Lemon Minerals

Mark Rigarlsford

Megalodon & More Fossils Ltd

Midland Minerals

Mineral Paradise

Mining, Minerals & Memorabilia

Moorland Minerals

Natural History Museum

Nic Peters

Organika Gems

Richard Tayler Minerals

Ross Whittaker

Sheila Harrison Crystals, Minerals & Fossils

Simon Rigby

Steetley Minerals

Tali & Loz Minerals Crystals & Gems

The Crystal Palace

The Old & Curious

The Rock Gallery

Thomson Minerals

Tony Brook

West Sussex Geological Society

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