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The Society is well positioned near the south coast of England to explore the continent and visits have been made to mineral museums and field trips organised.

The visits over the years have become longer and often take the form of GEOTOURISM, i.e. time is spent both on general tourist activities as well as mineral related activities.

In most recent years we have made an annual visit to a mineral show in Stella Plage in Northern France”

Club members have also often attended the big international mineral shows at St Marie Aux Mines in Alsace and in Munich.


Listed below are the overseas trips organised by the society since 1990

2019        Faroe Islands


2018        Portugal


2017       Portugal

2016       Namibia

2014      Maine, USA

2013      Morocco - for videos of this trip click HERE

2012      Calais, north France
            Ste Marie-aux-mines (NE France) and the Eifel (Germany)

2011     Faroe Islands  Read the report HERE


2010     Auvergne, France

2008     Slovakia
            Paris, France

2007    Southern Ireland Read the reports HERE

2006    Bulgaria

2005    USA/Canada

2004    Return to India.

            Return to Millau, Central Massif, France

2003    Return to Namibia

2002    Lanzarote, Canary Islands

            Return visit to St Marie-aux-Mines, north-east France

2001    Namibia

2000    India
           Cap Blanc Nez, France

1999    Northern Spain

1998    Budapest, Hungary

1997    St. Maire-aux-Mines, North East France

1996    Cote d'Azure, Southern France

1994    Munich, Germany

1993    Millau, Central Massif, France

1992    Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia

1991    Paris, France

1990    Crakow, Poland

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